I am a student from Hong Kong. We are just students that love our homeland and are willing to fight for our future, our rights and democracy and now, Hong Kong’s democracy is at its most critical moment. 

The people of Hong Kong have been fighting for the full democracy since before the handover. Their demand for genuine universal suffrage and open elections for their city’s leader and legislature has been persistent, loud and clear. Yet, seventeen years after the handover from British to Chinese rule, there is still no open and free election for the city’s Chief Executive, nor a fully direct-elected Legislative Council in Hong Kong. In late June of this year, more than half a million Hong Kong citizens took part in a Civil Referendum to endorse civil nomination and demand the Legislative Council to veto any electoral reform proposals that fails to meet the international standard. One week later, half a million of Hong Kongers took to the street to further demonstrate their demand for genuine democratic reform in the annual July 1 march.

Unfortunately, Hongkongers’ clear and fair demand for having a proper say in the affairs of their own city is ignored by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Hong Kong SAR governments. On 31 August, PRC’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed a resolution that rejects any reformation in the electoral method of Legislative Council in 2016 and insists that they would only permit Hong Kongers “voting” for their chief executive among 2-3 stringently pre-screened candidates. Despite the undemocratic nature of the PRC’s decision and an election process that only served to cement Beijing political rein on the city Hong Kong SAR government still urges its citizens to accept such plan. With the prospect of further democratic process quickly fading, Hong Kong’s democracy movement has reached a critical point.

In this critical moment, we have no choice. We must unite and fight for democracy. In Hong Kong, the movement Occupy Central is launching a civil disobedience occupation while Hong Kong Federation of Students, Scholarism and various student associations have called on a city-wide student strike. During the weeklong student strike, the students have tried through various methods expressed their demand for universal suffrage and have tried to open dialogue with the Chief Executive CY Leung but Leung refused to have dialogue with them. Furthermore, when the students tried to reclaim the Civil Square for the public and to exercise their rights of peaceful assembly, they were brutally cracked down by the police. 

I don’t know whether you are interested in this issue, but if you are still reading this, please reblog this and let more people notice us. 

Also, you can follow the live broadcast of the student strike in Hong Kong.


I am fucking crying right now when I see so many notes on this post you guys. I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT THIS, FROM THE BOTTOM MY HEART! I just knew something like this is going to happen in Hong Kong eventually, but it was a whole new form of horror watching the livestream of my home city almost turning into a fucking riot zone thanks to the spineless HK police and their gratuitous violence and unnecessary riot gear and smoke grenades. My heart is breaking and I have no more words for them.




Amanda Trusty, “Roar” Burlesque Body-Positive Tap DanceAmanda

"[She] has dealt with pressure from the entertainment industry to be a certain size and weight for over ten years. This is her way of finally letting it all go. Watch her peel away the words that have held her back and dance her joy."

Omg Nicky the first half of this routine can totally be like the skydancer character we talked about. 

(also, personal opinion: she could’ve teased/slowed things down a bit more during the stripping bits of the video. I get that it’s supposed to be all f**k you and stuff, but it ain’t burlesque if it isn’t subtle :\ still like the whole idea though)


Our newest video is live! A soft shoe cover of “In Summer” from Disney’s Frozen. Inspired by Disney’s sing-alongs we thought why not create our first ever Tap Overload Tap-Dance-Along! Fun for all ages!! Please take a moment to visit our official YouTube channel to like and share and if you haven’t done so already, subscribe for more tap dance entertainment!  Thanks for watching!

Everyone and their grandmother knows I avoid Frozen like the plague, but damnit, this is cute. 0:56 onwards has a tap along!







Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.

I want to see this movie.

Storytime - Only girl in the Learn to Flip course

Dancer guys, do you remember how it felt like when you were put into ballet class and you were the only guy there? Well shit, I now know how that feels like when I was the only girl in this acrobatics course.

(This OC started out with lute lessons before moving on to improvising on her own while living in the streets.)



Moira also plays a string instrument - but nothing as exotic as Lute. She’s skilled at the Violin, to a point where she can usually play most folk songs by ear.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t actually own a violin and hasn’t played in a while.

little head canon situation (partially inspired by the Detentionaire episode where Lee had to play electric violin) 

there’s gotta be some pre-tournament ball that happens sometime in Burning Bridges and Moira was asked to improv on the spot by her drunken fans or something. The musician passes her the violin, she starts playing a Celtic folk song in a rusty way. Everyone’s like cricket chirp and tumbleweed, and then…Donahue has to save the day by rockin’ the mic.

(And then Team Rocket comes in to ruin everything. The end)


Sutton Foster


Sutton Foster


the difference between tap dancing and step dancing, adorably illustrated.


Thinking about cutting my pixie cut grow into an asymmetrical bob like these… thoughts?

This will be my next haircut when this semester is over.

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